Juried Show 2013

Registration Process


1.  Open and Complete Registration Form  (Registration Form Download in Word format)

Enter contact information fully and use the form of your name which you wish to appear on show tags and give the email address where you wish to receive notifications.

Titles:   Concise titling is preferred

Price:  Set prices noting that 35% of each sale will be retained by RiverArts.  All submissions should be for sale with a set price, but the asking price may be deferred pending a buyer’s request – use notation POR in this case.

Mediums:  For painting mediums give the predominant form of paint (e.g. oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, …) and the substrate (canvas, paper, board, …).    E.g. for a traditional watercolor work on paper, say “Watercolor on paper”.     Drawings should be specified with whatever mediums are used significantly in the work, e.g. “drawing with pencil and ink on paper”.  For hand-pulled prints specify the form of printing methodology, e.g. mezzotint, block print, ….and the substrate.  Characterize a work as mixed when two or more substantial elements in the composition come from different mediums.   For photography choose from among:  Film Photography; Digital Photography; or Creatively Enhanced Photography.  The latter category embraces those instances when the post-processing on a digital image has gone substantially beyond what could have reasonably been done in a traditional darkroom.  Notable special inks or paper may also be given following the photography category.

Dimensions:  For 2D work include the frame in measurements.  Width refers to the horizontal distance from outer edges of the frame and height refers to the vertical distance between outer edges of the frame.  For 3D work imagine the dimensions are related to a primary viewing position and then imagine a rectangular solid (box) is just enclosing the piece, the height is the vertical dimension of the box, the width the horizontal dimension and the depth is the dimension of the box along the viewing axis.  Mind the maximum sizes given in the call.

2.   Save the registration form to your computer using the naming convention:

            (Last name)(First name)RAJuriedShowRegistration2013

e.g. for Alyce Smith, SmithAlyceRAJuriedShowRegistration2013

3.  Submit Payment:

Entry fees are based on number of entries and membership status with RiverArts.

$30 for 1 or 2 entries ($20 for RiverArts Members) + $8 for each additional entry up to four entries.

Choose the appropriate entry item and then click on the Buy Now button to make payment via PayPal or credit card. For credit card payments fill in the “Pay as a guest” information and then click on continue to give your card numbers. When payment is complete, please save your PayPal receipt number for future reference.

(If payment by check is necessary, contact the show organizer Rich Hall at rwhall@pitt.edu)

Entry Options


4. Submit Registration Form and images of work:

a. Name each JPEG image with the following convention:

(Last name)(First name)Entry#(1-4)-(brief version of title)

e.g. the first entry by Alyce Smith, titled “Happening on a Brooklyn Street” would be named: SmithAlyceEntry#1-brooklyn street with an extension .jpg

Sculptors giving 2 images for a piece should append –a and –b to the names, respectively.

b. Email the registration form and images in order as attachments to:


Use subject heading: RAJuried ShowEntry-(Last name)(First name)


Set your Twitter account name in your settings to use the TwitterBar Section.