Gallery Exhibition Schedule 2014 



January 3 through Feb 1
Exhibitions Chair: Sue Basener and Shelley Minch

Members Show (Jan 3 – 24)

Main Gallery    Curator:  Shelley Minch

Children’s Art Show (Jan 25 – Feb 1)

Main Gallery    Curator:  Sue Basener
Reception for Children’s Show — January 26, 1 – 3 p.m.

Youth and Their Instructors (Jan 3 – Feb 1)

Students and Teachers:  Art in The Schools
Studio Gallery    Curator:  Theresa Schram and Sarah Lyle


February 7 through Mar 1
Exhibitions Chair:  William Brockschmidt

Love Letters

Main Gallery    Curator:  William Brockschmidt

Stories of Kent County African Americans

Featuring CV Starr Civil Rights Interviews and Tom McHugh Watermen Interviews
Studio Gallery    Curator:  Lani Seikaly


March 7 through 29

The Painter’s Eye Judged Show
Sculpting the Form Judged Show

Both Galleries


April 4 through 25
Exhibitions Chair:  Sue Basener

The Art of the Photograph

Curator: Ed and Diane Blake

Judged Clay Show

Both Galleries

Paint the Town Wet Paint Sale

April 26
Both Galleries
Show runs through Sunday, April 27


May 2 through 31
Exhibition Chair:  William Brockschmidt

Electric Dreams: Brave, New, Bold

Main Gallery     Curator:  Zane Carter

Second Look

Studio Gallery (May 2 – 17)
Studio Gallery Available to Rent (May 20 – 31)


June 6 through 28
Exhibition Chair: William Brockschmidt

The Musical Muse

Main Gallery     Curator:  William Brockschmidt

Color, Rhythm and Harmony

Cindy Stafford, Melinda Carl and Christel Mottur-Pilson

Art in Bloom

Both Galleries June 22


July 4 through 26
Exhibition Chair: Melinda Carl

Celebrating Rural Life

Main Gallery    Curator:  Cindy Stafford and Anne Vansant

Ted Ramsey Show

Studio Gallery


August 1 through 30
Exhibition Chair:  Sue Basener

Fiber Finesse

Main Gallery     Curator:  Sue Wright

Fabrications 2014

Joyce Murrin and friends


September 5 through 27
Exhibition Chair:  William Brockschmidt

The Literary Muse

Main Gallery

Portraits: Conversing with the Sitter

Studio Gallery


October 3 through Nov 2

Studio Tour Exhibition

Main Gallery     Curator:  Cindy Fulton

Stories of WWII

Studio Gallery
(Oct 3 – Nov 2)


November 7 through 29
Exhibition Chair: Lani Seikaly

The Art of Stewardship
Chester River Association/RiverArts Show

Curator:  Marcy Ramsey

The 4 Turners

(Nov 7 – Nov 16)
Lospinuso, Adcock, Rudinski, Engstrom
Studio Gallery

Holiday Show and Sale

(Nov 21 – Dec 27)
Studio Gallery     Curator:  Sue Wright


December 5 through 27
Exhibition Chair:  Sue Wright

Holiday Sale and Show

Both Galleries     Curator:  Sue Wright





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