Works of Ann Cleary

On display in the Studio Gallery is a selection of works spanning a ten year period that demonstrates Ann Cleary’s shifttu´-de-que´-vas-webfrom narrative oil paintings to the objects that she makes today. The brightly colored oil paintings suggest snippets of overheard stories, with a layering of paint that presages her move towards collage. Works on paper lose their figurative bent as the materials begin to take precedence. The viewer will find surfaces built up with materials as varied as discarded office papers, newspaper, toilet tissue rolled into coils, shopping lists, dry wall paste, and human hair. Clothesline wire, cabinet hardware, twigs, and found screen are recombined into the two hanging pieces that are included in the show – examples of just how far away from the wall her work has come.

Ann Cleary is currently living and working in the Hudson Valley, NY. She has spent her adult life between New York and Spain, where she exhibited individually in galleries and museums as well as created installations as half of the artistic duo Las Dos with artist, Catalina Obrador. Since her return to the States, she has organized a series of shows on a farm in Sullivan County, NY that caught the attention of farmers and city-slickers alike.


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