2016 Juried/Judged Aug. Photo Accepted Artists

List of accepted artists and their accepted work for the 2016 August Juried/Judged Photography Show. –

Victoria Ali – Water’s Edge

Martin Ali – Solitude

Cheryl Atkins – Madeira Fog; Four A.M.

Susan Basener– Magnolia; June Garden Bouquet

Christyne Berzsenyi– Bread at Ardee Tower

David Biehler- 1000 Years

Gary Collings – Nat

George Drake- Celestial; Triple

Steven Hargrove- Pictographs; Sunrise on Lotus Hill

Andrea Hearn – Star of the Moon

Joan Herder– Grace

Anne Highfield – Christmas on the Chester; Union River Bay

Steven Kane- Electric Flower Light

Lewis Katz– Distant Tree

Cathy Leaycraft– Stone Trio; Feather’s Eyes

Thomas Luhn – Heirloom Angles; Waters Rush

Michael Markley– Calm Before the Storm

Jon Meyer- Sunrise at Lanikai

Dawn Miller– Dewdrops on Rose

Bob Miller- Little Miss; Transformation

Morgan Moos – Youth

Maria Newill- Pretty in Pink

Bob Paulding- Penn Station; John Daly Painted Hills

Dawn Phillips– Be my Honey Bee

Dick Pitini – Belize- Man with Dog

Cynthia Ramsey- Got It

Wil Scott– Nevermore

Lani Seikaly– Granada Cathedral; Waiting

Ann Smolens– Storm Brewing; Coeur d’Amor

Robert Taylor- Grasonville 2015

Sherrie von Sternberg- We’re An American Band

Linda Roy Walls- Stark Before Dark

Nadine Watterson- Glacier; The Cat

Jeff Weber- Hungry in Winter

Erin Wilson- Kalyna

Michael Wootton- Turners Creek