annual meeting 2015

RiverArts 3rd Annual Meeting on June 18 at G.A.R.

New directors for the RiverArts’ Board will be elected at the 3rd Annual Meeting on June 18 from 4:00 to 5:30 at the recently restored Charles Sumner Post #25 also known as the G.A.R. building. We moved the Annual Meeting from RiverArts to the G.A.R. to give us more room for a hopefully growing participation and to introduce you to a wonderful community resource. ¬†Built in 1908 by African American veterans of the Civil War, the G.A.R. building is located at 206 S Queen St. You can park in the lot behind the building or on the street in front of the building.

All RiverArts Members are encouraged to attend the 3rd Annual Meeting to celebrate another great year, to elect new directors, say thank you to departing board members, vote on the proposed changes in our bylaws, and to socialize with other members. President Lani Seikaly will present a review of the year and President-Elect Mary Jo McCulloch will present the nomination’s committee slate of directors.

The five nominated directors are JR Alfee, Raven Bishop, Barbara Fancher, Mary Sjoquist and Greg Waddell. Their resumes are below and online at

RiverArts directors serve a three year term. The five members leaving the board are Gerry Edwards, Jack Fancher, Shelley Minch, Cindy Stafford and Joan Strand all of whom have been board members since RiverArts began. Their expertise, dedication to RiverArts and several hundred hours of volunteer time over the three years have been instrumental in the success of RiverArts.

The Board has proposed a change in the bylaws to reflect a change in the time that officers are elected. The proposed change are in red below.

Article V.
Section 1. Election
The Officers of the corporation will be elected by the Board at a board meeting prior to the annual meeting from current Board at the November Board meeting. Officers will be Immediate Past President, President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Board may elect additional officers if the need arises.

Section 4. Elections
B. Election – The new slate of Officers will be formally voted upon on by the Board at the November Board meeting at a board meeting prior to the annual meeting.