Art of Stewardship 2016

Art of Stewardship

“Turn to Tender”

Art of Stewardship

Nested Earth by Greg Mort

RiverArts is pleased to be sponsoring our third annual Art of Stewardship juried exhibition. This year’s exhibition is being curated by Jacqui von Voss and Meredith Davies Hadaway and will open on April 1, 2016 with a reception from 5:00 – 8:00 p.m. Vicco von Voss will serve as jurist, selecting the works that will be shown in the exhibition. Renowned artist Greg Mort will be returning to RiverArts for the final judging and award ceremony.

The “charge” to be a steward of nature can sometimes feel abstract and overwhelming. In this fast paced world of so many responsibilities, “should’s” and “have to’s”, what is it at the most subtle and deep level that changes our minds, or turns our hearts to authentically and perhaps instinctually tend to something or someone beyond ourselves?

Have you witnessed or experienced a moment when something in the natural world inspired a sense of awe, connection, coherence or any range of emotional response that sparked an urge to preserve, protect, heal or make a change?