Art of Stewardship- Accepted Artists & Poets



Ronn Akins – Waiting Is – The Edge of Awakening
Irene Aspell – Milkweed Seeding,  Spangled Fritillary
Barbara Brooks – Tuareg Shepherd
Lani Browning – Abandoned,  Summer Marsh
Melinda Carl – Sandstone Edging the Sea, Alive with Mossy Grass
Maddie Cholnoky – Summer Fishing
John Duke – Life Raft,  Encounter
Larry Fransen – Snagged
Kevin Garber – High Water #1
Holly Geddes – Windmill in Need of an Upgrade,  One Windmill for the Barn
John Gillespie – Halloween Pennant
Lee Goodwin – Annapolis, January Morning
Joan Hart –  Who Says The Marsh Is Boring
Marti Hawkins -Abandon
Rachel Hertz – High Tide on Black Sands
Susan Hostetler – Birds in Flight Patterns,  Blackbirds with Songs
Diane Hunt – Peaceful
Emily Kalwaitis – Resting on the Edge
Karen Klinedinst – The Forest Edge,  Late Winter, The Beaver Pond
Jane Knighton – L ate Passage,  Thompson Creek
Debra MacNealy – Water Surface Matrix
Howard McCoy – Prayer Rags,  Earth Shield II
Mary McCoy – Low Tide,  Handome Young Buck
Kate McGraw – Promise
Marj Morani – On the Edge-Future River Keeper
Martha Pileggi – Above the Channel
Lori Rossbach – Where Sky Meets Water
George Sass – Beachwood
Stacey Sass – Blackwater in February
Jessica Schengber  – Graphite
Elise Sinatro- Flurry, Fragile Moon
Beverly Hall Smith – Into the Clouds and Down to the Earth in El Valle, Panama
Stephanie Somers – Arbor Trellis
Robert Taylor – Cornfield,  Ferry Path
Nanny Trippe –  Field to Trees,  Man Meets Nature
Laura Ventura – River’s Edge
Sherrie von Sternberg – Eastern Neck Convergence
Nadine Watterson – Sepia
Michael Wootton – Red Mower


Eleanor Altman – Global Warming
Kailani Clarke – Clay Vessel
Bob Denison – Alienation
Nancy McCloy- The Sun Rose and Lizzie Left
Mary McCoy – Low Tide,  Handsome Young Buck
Wendy Mitman – Joe Pye Weed,  Skin
Mary K O’Melveny – Bird Sanctuary
Catalina Righter – Rt. 213 Poet