Call for Artists

Call for Artists for 2nd Annual Recycled Art Show

The Chestertown Annual Recycled Art Show on Saturday, April 20 is sponsored by the Chestertown Mayor’s Office,RiverArts and the Kent County Arts Council as part of the annual Earth Day celebration and our ongoing effort to encourage recycling and waste reduction, contributing to a cleaner environment in Kent County.  Three cash prizes will be awarded along with several honorable mentions to the most creative art that transforms the discarded material into something new and original.  The show is open to all participants (student and adult) who must send in an entry form no later than April 12 and then bring their art to the Recycled Art Exhibit in Memorial Park between 8:30 and 9:00.  An entry form and additional information can be found on the RiverArts website at

ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Media used must be composed of a minimum of 50% recycled materials. The bulk of the material used must be material that would be discarded were it not repurposed.Each artist may submit up to four pieces executed in any medium.  There is no fee for entering.


Application must be received no later than April 12, 2013.

DROP OFF AND PICK UP  All art should be dropped off at the Recycled Art Show area in Memorial Park between 8:30 and 9:00 on Saturday, April 20 and should be picked up at 1:00 on April 20.

AGREEMENT OF ENTRY AND LIABILITYAll reasonable care will be taken with artwork. However, the Town of Chestertown is not responsible for any artwork displayed or left at Memorial Park. The Town of Chestertown reserves the right to reproduce artwork for publicity purposes. Your entry constitutes acceptance of all conditions and terms in this entry form. It is the responsibility of the artist to adhere to all deadlines.


First Place Prizes will be awarded in three categories:
Best Student Recycled ArtBest Adult Recycled ArtBest Teacher Recycled Art Project (with 6 to 10 pieces of student work illustrating that project).  This prize will be based on the 6 to 10 examples of student work that the teacher presents.If you would like to enter a piece of recycled art, please fill out the form below and email to Suzanne Street at by Friday, April 1.  You can either cut and paste the form into a Word file on your computer or link to a downloadable registration form by clicking here.

Chestertown Recycled Art Show Entry Form

Artist’s Name:

____ Adult    ____ K-12 Student ___ Teacher




Title of Work:

Recycled Materials Used:

Dimensions: (Width-Height-Depth):

How would your art be best displayed?

______ Hang  _____ Stand on the ground  _____ Lay on table

If your work is for sale, please indicate price: _______________

We will not make sales but will alert interested buyers that you will be here at 1:00 to pick up your piece so potential buyers can purchase from you.