Call for Clay Studio Monitors

Hi Everyone,

We have had our first classes at our new studio, the sink is in and the electric for the pug mill and kilns is on its way! We are moving right along.

The next important thing is to create as many open studio opportunities as we can. We need monitors. We’d like to offer Open Studio during the following days/times:

Monday- morning, afternoon
Tuesday- morning, afternoon
Wednesday- afternoon, evening
Thursday- morning, afternoon
Friday- morning, afternoon, evening
Saturday- morning, afternoon, evening
Sunday- morning, afternoon, evening

Starting in November, there will be an open studio fee of $30 a month for unlimited access during scheduled Open Studio times. You will still be responsible to pay for clay and glaze firing fees. Monitors who work at least once every week of any particular month pay no Open Studio fee for that month.

To qualify as a monitor, you must have completed at least one pottery class at the RiverArts clay studio so that you are fully aware of how we function.

Duties of a monitor include: showing up on time and unlocking the doors, turn on lights and heat/ac., making sure everything is in order for open studio, remain at the studio during your scheduled time, answer any questions that participants or people off the street may have, get information from people who may want to take classes/workshops, make sure everything is clean and put away before people leave (if there is a mess after everyone has left, then it will be the monitors job to clean it up), write down any unanswered questions and needed supplies, adjust heat/ac, turn off the lights and other equipment and lock the doors.

If you are interested in being a monitor, please let me know what time would be good for you. There will also be a sign-up/schedule in the studio.