Colchester Farm




Hours Open on July 25 and 26: 8:00 am to 2:00 pm


Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)/CFCSA produces a wide range of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and fruit for approximately 160 shareholders, the Chestertown Farmers’ Market, Kent Island Farmers’ Market, and local restaurants. The CSA operates on 15 acres of land, part of a 350-acre farm, on the Sassafras River near the town of Galena on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The CSA is entering its thirteenth season of operation in 2015.

Farm Tour Details

Visitors will tour the farm to learn about our community supported agriculture (CSA) operation. CoIMG_5954_2me see how we incorporate sustainable practices for small-scale, biodiverse production to support a healthy community. Saturday morning visitors can catch a glimpse of the CSA operation from 8am to 10am during our market-style share distribution.

Mission Statement
Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a nonprofit, small-scale farm that grows fresh local produce for shareholders and community members, and offers apprenticeships and education programs. The CSA promotes an alternative model of farming that strengthens the relationship between farmers, community members, food, and the land.

CFCSA will lead and inspire a broad movement of people who eat and live in close relationship with their communities and the land. CFCSA will be economically and environmentally self-sustaining and will be recognized as an alternative model of sustainable agriculture by the people of the Eastern Shore.

The work of CFCSA is driven by a core set of values:

Land Stewardship – Farming has been a defining characteristic of the Eastern Shore heritage for hundreds of years. We must preserve farmland and farming if we are to pass on that heritage intact into the future.5421144945_2e4e26903c_o

Community – People thrive in communities which bond them together and provide them support. We
will be active participants in a vibrant Eastern Shore community, drawing our support from our
neighbors and returning that support through all our activities.

Support for Our Workers – The mission of CFCSA is achieved only through the efforts of its employees
and volunteers. All work on behalf of the CSA will be highly valued and those who work for pay will have
a sustainable livelihood.

Accessibility – We will work to make our food and education programs available to all members of our community, regardless of income.

History of Colchester Farm
CFCSA operates on 10 acres of land, part of a 345-acre farm, Colchester Farm, on the Sassafras River
near the town of Galena on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. To read a history of Colchester Farm written by Charlotte Staelin, owner, click here.

Web Address

31285 Georgetown Cemetery Road
Galena, MD 21635

Christine Betley
Vice President, Education Chair
Colchester Farm CSA