Community Projects

Community Projects

"Chester River Grasses" by Lani Seikaly


RiverArts sponsors a number of community projects.  We invite  you  to participate in any of our community projects.  We’re also open to ideas from the community about how RiverArts might collaborate with other community organizations to promote the arts.

Our Lives, Our Voices — An Oral History Project

“Our Lives, Our Voices” is coordinated  by Lani Seikaly and funded by the Kent County Arts Council.  Local African Americans who grew up in Kent County tell their stories of earlier days, country and town life, the Uptown Club and famous musicians playing there, Freedom Riders and school integration, and churches and communities.  The transcribed stories are shared here.


The Community Photographers

The Community Photographers is a new project of the Chestertown Arts League that was developed to provide a service to any of our community organizations by taking photographs of events that they can use for future public relations materials.. Teams of photographers will take on requests from the community to be engaged in photo shoots of Chestertown events and activities. Our current Chestertown Photo Shoot assignments include the Sultana school programs, the G.A.R. project, the September book festival, and the studio tour.

We invite any photographer who wishes to join our Chestertown Community Photographers to get on our mailing list to receive info about upcoming photo shoots. Please email Lani Seikaly at or call 443 282-0931 to join the email list. We will notify you when we have an upcoming photo shoot.

Photographs taken on the photo shoots will be posted on an open Shutterfly website,


The Community Galleries

Photo by Dawn Miller

Businesses and other organizations around time are willing to showcase our artist’s work in their lobbies, offices, restaurants and other spaces. Any artist interested in having their art displayed or any business or organization that would like to host an exhibit of our artist’s work should email Lani Seikaly at