Creative Digital Photography with Nikhil Bahl

Date: October 16, 2011
Time: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Location: Imperial Hotel
Limit: 20 participants
Cost: $90
Instructor’s Website:

Description: Photography is all about interpretation. From subject selection, to focal length and shutter speed and aperture, to camera placement, post-processing, a photographer makes many decisions that interpret the subject. A photographer can show the subject in an atypical manner that may challenge our perceptions or by delving into the abstract the viewer can be left guessing as to what the subject really is. In this seminar, Nikhil will take you into the realm of conceptualizing and interpreting the scene that is to be captured by the creative photographer. As an integral part of digital photography, exposure, post-processing and work-flow will also be covered. Participants will also get a complimentary copy of Nikhil’s eBook “Creative Interpretations”.

The seminar with encompass the following topics:

  • Basic digital exposure: a quick overview
  • Common misconceptions and some secrets to getting an optimal exposure
  • Tips and tricks to overcome challenging situations
  • Creative Interpretations (The art of making your photographs unique)
  • The role of the digital darkroom

About the Instructor: Nikhil Bahl is a professional nature photographer, educator, author, lecturer and workshop instructor. His goal is to inspire people to appreciate the splendor of nature by becoming aware of that which is easily overlooked, and by transforming the mundane into the exciting through contemplative and artistic interpretation. While his primary aim is to create art with his photographs, he also strives to document the natural world with an eye toward conservation and education. Nikhil also has a passion for teaching photography and leads nature photography workshops and tours in the United States.