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"Sidewalk Café," mixed media painting by Cheryl Schlenker
“Sidewalk Café,” mixed media painting by Cheryl Schlenker

The Musical Muse

The Musical Muse features original pieces in various mediums that are either inspired by music, showcase musical themes or capture actual musicians at their craft. The show, curated by Philip Dutton, coincides with the National Music Festival at Washington College, which “brings together world-class mentors and gifted apprentice musicians on the cusp of their professional careers.”

Tulips by Christel Mottur-Pilson
“Tulips” by Christel Mottur-Pilson

Color, Rhythm and Harmony

This exhibition celebrates the use of these musical terms in oil, watercolor and pastel paintings by three different artists. Melinda Carl, a Rock Hall artist, is showing a group of lovely oil paintings, many in the impressionistic style, done in plein air right in Kent County. Christel Mottur-Pilson brings a set of pastels from her studio in Ardmore, PA. Her work is lively, mysterious, and lyrical. Cindy Stafford, from Betterton, MD, compliments the show with a varied group of watercolors that can be described as representational, delicate, and a bit whimsical.