Farm and Winery Tour

RiverArts Farm and Winery Tour

Because we are located in a beautiful rural setting, Chestertown RiverArts celebrates the rural each July with art exhibitions and programs. This year we have added a Farm and Winery Tour weekend to our celebration of the rural modeled after our very popular Studio Tour, which we sponsor in the fall. Our goal will be to further celebrate the beauty of the rural area in which we live and to educate our non-farming friends and tourists about the sophistication, complexity and innovations that are part of modern farming today.

The farms and wineries listed below will be open to the public on July 25 and/or July 26, and are all wonderful places to visit.  They will be sharing their expertise in winemaking, farming and dairy; emphasizing the importance of buying local foods and supporting local farms; and offering opportunities to sample and buy local wines, flowers and food.  The three wineries are all part of the Chesapeake Wine Trail.

Farm and Winery Tour Participants

Click on each farm or winery to see when they will be open on July 25 and 26 and what activities they have scheduled for your visit.

Cassinelli Wineryslide2 - Version 2

Located on 110 acres of woods and rolling, open land, Cassinelli Winery & Vineyards is located off of Route 213 on your way to Chestertown, Maryland on the Eastern Shore. A white vinyl fence is our calling card from the road. Beyond this, we are actively planting and maintaining our vineyards including Chardonnay, Merlot, and Viognier grapes as well as hundreds of apple, peach, pear and plum trees that we hope families will soon visit to pick and enjoy.

Clovelly Winery

At a beautiful bend in the Chester River, you will find the bountiful lands of CLOVELLY ~ a third-generation, Maryland Eastern Shore farm established in 1959. Our ethos reflects the meaning of the name itself, earthworks. Our wines are borne from the rich earth and the warm river breezes. Wines are made of 100% hand-harvested Clovelly grapes.  Our Vineyard is situated on the south-facing hillside of Clovelly Farm overlooking the Chester River. The orientation of the vineyard allows the grapes to receive optimal sunlight and beneficial river breezes that help regulate temperatures and promote vine health.

Colchester Farmheader15 - Version 2

Colchester Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a nonprofit, small-scale farm that grows fresh local produce for shareholders and community members, and offers apprenticeships and education programs. The CSA promotes an alternative model of farming that strengthens the relationship between farmers, community members, food, and the land.  CFCSA operates on 10 acres   of land, part of a 345-acre farm, Colchester Farm, on the Sassafras River near the town of Galena on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.

Crow Farm and Vineyardwine

Crow Farm owners Judy and Roy Crow both grew up on farms and both have a passion for maintaining the agricultural authenticity of the area and Crow Farm. Their motto: “stay original” drives a growing business of selling their natural grass-fed beef to local citizens and quality restaurants in the area.  To further sustain the profitability and natural environment of the farm the family’s 3rd generation has established a vineyard business including wine-making and a wine tasting room, Crow Vineyard & Winery LLC. The tasting room offers a full array of hand crafted Crow Vineyard wines and you can add a pairing tray made from our local grass fed Angus Beef and other farm grown items.

Galena Blooms Farm   44dbe676c10049aea5cb54264843356f

Galena Blooms is an organic specialty cut flower and herb farm. They grow a wide variety of perennials and annuals over spring, summer and fall–primarily native plants. However, they do grow other plants from outside our area.  Galena Blooms is a full-service florist and does many weddings during the season.  They  also offer a complete line of body care products, all produced on the farm, using many of the plants and flowers grown here.

St. Brigid’s Farm

Our farm is named after St. Brigid, the patron saint of dairymaids and scholars who was renowned header10_r1_c1for her       compassion and often featured with cows at her feet. The seasonally calved herd intensively grazes from April through November.  When we established St. Brigid’s Farm in 1996, we started with 69 registered Jersey heifers.  Our herd has grown to 200 animals consisting of milking cows, replacement heifers, steers and veal calves.  Every year we sell surplus dairy cows as well as grass finished Jersey beef and meadow veal.  The 62 acre farm, located on the scenic eastern shore of Maryland, is planted in permanent pasture, comprised predominantly of perennial rye grass and clover.


Additional farms and wineries are still able to participate in this year’s Farm and Winery Tour by emailing Lani Seikaly at or calling her at 443 282-0931.