Game Night – Welcoming the Golden Age of Board Games

Game Night – Welcoming the Golden Age of Board Gamesgarydahl

Thursday, April 16
7-9 p.m.
Cost: $15 Members; $20 Nonmembers
Pre-registration recommended

Board game designer Gary Dahl will present a fun talk on the art of the board game. Who hasn’t spent a fun night with friends or family sitting around a table with a board game in the middle having fun? Dahl will talk about the history of board games and also the future of board games.

Join RiverArts for wine and game night themed snacks. Bring your friends!

Gary Dahl currently teaches computer science at Washington College, and has previously taught at Brown College and Globe College.  He started his career in the computer game industry, working at Canopy Games on such titles as Harley Davidson: Wheels of Freedom, Kawasaki Fantasy Motocross, and Ultra Wheels Street Jam.  Since that time, Gary has also worked on more serious applications of game technologies with the Naval Research Laboratories, the Science Museum of Minnesota, Altec Energy, and a number of smaller startups.  In addition to computer games, Gary recently signed two board game designs for publication with Game Salute.

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