Gift Shop Artist of the Month – Gene Adcock, Turner of Truro

Gene Adcock is  twelve years a wood artisan; twelve years of producing three-dimensional pieces; twelve years of working with one of the most natural, tactile and beautiful materials on earth. Depending his whims and the material I harvest,  pieces range from the organic to Pop Art.  Still, his creativity is guided by a desire to please admirers of artistic craftsmanship.

He is now “retired” with enough wood, equipment and project ideas for full-time devotion to my passion, and has spent these “retired” years devoted to developing the talent, skill and knowledge to create pieces that connect with patrons.  He is an active member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Chesapeake Woodturners of Annapolis Maryland and the San Diego Woodturners, California.

View more of work on Facebook page: “Turner of Truro