Gift Shop Artists -June & July

Gene Adcock and Muffy Caputo are Gift Shop Artists of the Month

Gene Adcock

Attendance at a 2006 woodworking show awakened some dormant artistic/craftsman itch that I have been scratching ever since.  I fell in love with lathe-woodturning as a cherished traditional craft that I use to create contemporary art forms.  My fascination with artistic variety has driven me through recurring projects in natural edge, off-center pieces, threading, dye, hollow forms and subtle embellishments.  I find inspiration in everything from classic forms to Pop Art.  My goal for every piece is a stunning profile that distinctively features the natural wood medium.  I want each piece to make a statement.

By the time I retired (for the second time) in 2016 I had collected enough wood, equipment and project ideas for full-time devotion to my passion.   I have over a decade of hard work devoted to developing the talent, skill and knowledge to create pieces that connect with patrons.  Driving my work forward is a tool fixation, admiration of wood as a natural medium and obsession with design.

I am an active member of the American Association of Woodturners, the Chesapeake Woodturners of Annapolis Maryland and the San Diego Woodturners, California.  

You can view more of my work on Facebook page: “Turner of Truro”.  My email contact is:

Gene Adcock, Ph.D.
Turner of Truro
Crofton, MD

Muffy Caputo

Muffy Russell Caputo is a local artist with deep generational ties to Chestertown.  Not only did she grow up in Chestertown, she’s the granddaughter of E.R. Anthony, the founder of Anthony’s Flowers in 1903, and L. Bates Russell, founder of the New Lyceum Theatre (now the Garfield Center for the Arts). She is the daughter of  Harry S. Russell,  owner of of the Enterprise newspaper, which later merged with The Kent County News, and a well-loved elementary school teacher. Muffy grew up, as she is fond of saying “with river mud between my toes” and has a deep and abiding love for this area, its history and the people, families and traditions of a close community that framed her life and make Kent County her home.

Educated locally and a graduate of Saint Mary’s College, Muffy spent several years away from home before returning in 1985 with her husband and daughter. A retired registered nurse, she was Director of Nursing for Chestertown Nursing and Rehabilitation and later a case manager at Kent-Queen Anne’s Hospital.

She brings her life of experiences and heart to her custom jewelry work that she began crafting in 1999.