Gift Shop Artists of the Month: Paul & Irene Aspell


ceramics by Paul Aspell
ceramics by Paul Aspell

Paul began his ceramics career by studying art at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois. He continued on to earn a Master’s Degree in Ceramics from William Paterson University in New Jersey, and began a thirty year journey as a high school art teacher. Always a maker of vessels, he spent his years as a teacher inspiring others to refine their own craft as he continued to work outside the classroom on his own clay creations.

Paul and his wife Irene are now retired with a home and studios in Ridgely, Maryland. Paul continues to teach ceramics classes for adults at the Academy Art Museum in nearby Easton. He has work at several locations and local galleries, including Adkins Arboretum and Gallery 37 in Milford, Delaware, and further field at Craftspeople in West Hurley, New York.

Ceramics by Paul Aspell

Inspired by local materials such as crushed brick and making imprints of botanical images in the clay, Paul hopes to catch the viewer’s eye. Although the work appears rustic in nature, it is utilitarian. Nothing pleases Paul more than hearing about and seeing photographs of his bowls and cups being used on someone’s dinner table. Paul continues to challenge himself by making artwork meant to be lived with and used in people’s everyday lives.





credit: Irene Aspell

A career as an organic gardener inspired this series of oil paintings and prints. With a degree in Fine Art from Maryland Institute College of Art, Irene has grown heirloom vegetables and native plant gardens for years and loves all the luscious colors and shapes found there.

Credit: Irene Aspell

Keeping a flock of Heritage Breed chickens also inspires her art. This body of work is Irene’s attempt to make art with the interplay of colors, shapes, and light on the world of nature, be it animal or vegetable. Recently retired, Irene plans to continue trying to capture the sights of the Eastern Shore, where she lives with her husband Paul.