HOKC Workshops

Humans of Kent County Workshops and Classes


Orientation to Humans of Kent County (1 hour class)

Learn about RiverArts new Humans of Kent County project and how you can participate. Workshop will include basic information about photographing and interviewing humans and submitting photos and stories for the Humans of Kent County Tumblr Page .

Instructor: Lani Seikaly
Cost: Free
Location: RiverArts Studio Gallery
Saturday, March 12 from 10 – 11:00
Monday, March 14 from 3 – 4:00

Registration is free but please sign up by calling the gallery at 410 778 6300 or email info@chestertownriverarts.org.

The Art of  iPhoneography   (2 hour class)

Once you have captured the best possible photo on your iPhone or iPad, they can always be enhanced with some basic edits that are simple to make.  In this class, we will explore basic editing techniques that can work wonders for your mobile photos.  Come with some photos that need editing and we will use those for practice in class.

Instructor: Anne Highfield
Cost: $50
Date/Time:  Wednesday, March 2 from 5:30 – 7:30
Where: KidSPOT
Minimum Number: 2

Photography – Ambient Light:  (Two sessions, one and a half hours per session)

Learn about Street Photography, basic composition, and natural light. Explore the work of some famous street photographers for inspiration and get a homework assignment for the next class!  Come back the second session with your photos for a fun lesson in post production and tips on how to make your images pop. Find out about free software as well as those that you can purchase. Practice photographing your classmates for the Humans experience!

Instructor: Sherrie Von Sternberg
Cost: $75
Session One Date/Time:  March 15
Session Two Date/Time:  March 22
Where: KidSPOT
Minimum Number: 3