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Dalis Davidson

My fiber journey began with getting a lone sheep in my pasture, Clarabelle.  She was a pet who grew very nice wool.  Sheep have to be sheared, so I had all this lovely wool.  Luckily for me, there are a number of women shepherds in my area who were very generous of their time in teaching me how to raise sheep, how to spin, how to knit and how to weave.  I soon had too much wool, so I learned how to dye it, then spin it.

My main love is for fiber, the natural, organic feel of fresh wool in my hands. I use the wool as a canvas for color. I see colors that complement, that clash, and that just look great together. I use this innate sense of color in the painting of my yarns, watching colors emerge and overlap. When knitted or felted, the colors flow gracefully and resemble an impressionistic painting.

Felting has been an interest to me for years now. I like abstract, multi-colored pieces with texture, body and undulating colors. I ‘paint’ pictures using my hand dyed wool and felting needles.

Dancing Leaf Farm
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