Juried Show Winners and Judge’s Comments

Comments by Judge Susan Levi-Goerlich

I am honored to have had the job of selecting the artwork to receive awards in this thoughtfully curated exhibition. There is much talent on display in this gallery.  Unsurprisingly, choosing award winners was a very difficult task. So many of the pieces exhibited high levels of technical proficiency, sensitive handling of the materials, strong compositions and creativity. I wish I could have recognized many other pieces for their excellence.Ultimately, my decisions were based on what resonated with me or haunted me. Sometimes, the energy or mood of the piece was what drew me in.

I wish to extend my congratulations to all of the artists selected to participate in this lovely and diverse show.

Best in Show: Steve Rogers  Leipsic House

Leipsic House is evocative, haunting and beautifully executed.

2D Award of Excellence: Port Tack, Steve Bleinberger

The power and action of the moment is beautifully captured in this painting.

Award of Excellence, Open: Lost Dog John Lang

The mood of Lost Dog is powerfully conveyed through the brushwork and palette.

3D Award of Excellence: Harp Player, Allen Johnson

I found this piece to be strong in its simplicity.

Create Gallery Award: Sphere 0541 Peter Saenger

Sphere 0541 is a compelling blend of delicacy and strength, simplicity and complexity.

Awards of Merit:

Wood: Mason Jar, Gene Adcock

Mason Jar is unexpected, well-executed, fun and the top actually fits!

Mixed media: Winter Thaw, Cheryl Schlenker

The energetic composition and palette drew me in to this strong piece.

Oil painting: Sophia, Anne Singer

I found the strong brushwork helped convey the energy and emotion of Sophia.

Watercolor: Inhale, Charlotte Lippincott

I found Inhale to be quiet and haunting.

Fiber: What’s so great about RED?, Christine Kamon

I liked how What’s so great about RED? highlights playful color combinations and relationships.

Leipsic House by Steve Rogers won Best in Show
Sphere 0541 by Peter Saenger won the Create Gallery Award.
Angus MacTavish by Anne Singer won the People'.s Choice