Kids in the Gallery

Kids in the Gallery

Kids in the Gallery is a program promoting visual literacy and art appreciation through field trips to the RiverArts Gallery in downtown Chestertown for teachers and students in grades 1-5. The expedition begins with a guided tour of the current exhibit in the Gallery including discussions about the work they see, including mediums, techniques, and meanings. Then, the group moves to the KidSPOT studio next door for a follow-up activity that engages with the themes and topics addressed in the exhibit.

In addition to teaching visual literacy and art appreciation, this program fosters interest in our creative community and demystifies art and arts spaces, instilling a sense of pride and belonging in the gallery. After their tour, children are encouraged to return to the gallery with their families and reminded that when they do, they will be their family’s docent for the exhibit they have just seen.

Visual literacy is a crucial 21st century skill which enables students to recognize, interpret, understand, and appreciate information presented visually through actions, objects and symbols. The ability to view images critically is included in state and national school standards.

Elizabeth Healy

Program Director Elizabeth Healy is a retired elementary school teacher with a passion for Kids in the Gallery. Working with teachers at local schools, Elizabeth creates a meaningful field trip that enhances existing curriculum goals for the participating grade levels.

For more information, please call RiverArts at 410 778 6300 or email Executive Director Maria Wood at

Comments from Kids in the Gallery Participants:
“Our students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed participating in the Kids in the Gallery program. Elizabeth quickly grabbed the students’ attention with an interactive scavenger hunt followed by the students creating their own “masterpieces” inspired by the various pieces of art in the gallery. The program was a wonderful opportunity to connect our students with an art venue in their local community while also reinforcing the art elements taught at each grade level.”
Anna Harrison
Chestertown Christian Academy
Activities Coordinator
“This past summer, the Horizons of Kent & Queen Anne Counties six week summer program had the theme: Water is Life.  Third graders from the Radcliffe site had the opportunity to visit the RiverArts Gallery and KidSPOT for the Kids in the Gallery program. Elizabeth was an amazing teacher for our day…allowing students to explore the gallery as well as creating a water-themed undersea picture. The students were excited to use multiple mediums (including oil pastels, water, and salt) and even more excited to see their creations the next day after they were delivered to our school framed!  As an end of program wrap up, I had students reflect on their summers and so many of them recounted going to RiverArts KidSPOT as their favorite experience!  Thank you so much for being part of our summer program!”
Cheryl Fracassi
Horizons Instructor