Our Members

Our Members

Though many of our members are artists, many are not but have joined RiverArts because they believe the arts are important to our community. We value all of our members and the many  hours of volunteer work they do to enable RiverArts to offer the exhibitions, events and classes they do. A large number of  members contribute additional money to assist RiverArts in implementing the many programs they sponsor each  year and we would like to recognize their contribution.

2012-2013 Benefactors ($500 to $999)

Erasmus and Susan Kloman
Marilee and Ford Schumann

2012 -2013 Friends ($100 to $499)

Berkeley Ake
Carm and Eric Bachman
Evie Baskin and Jonathan Chace
Dave and Lindsay Batcheller
Meg Bennett
Joy and Bill Berghaus
Sally and Roy Blomquist
Linda and Bob Kramer
Holly Boyle
Jeffrey Brown
Nora and John Carey
Melinda Carl
Zane and Nancy Carter
Chesapeake Architects (Peter Newlin)
Muriel Cole
Virginia Covington
Lance and Paula Dietrich
Anne and Jim Donaghy
Karen Douglas
Linda and Phil Dutton
Ronnie Edelman
Richard and Marvel Evans
Barbara and Bernie Finneson
Suzanne Fischer
Meg Founds
Margie and Dave Gauntt
Donna and Morton Gibbons-Neff III
Evelyn Glendenning
Mary and Richard Graham
Linda Goldkrantz
Chris and Rosalind Havemeyer
Fred Kerr
Betty Kerr
Carol and Rich Keyser
Linda Kleinbart and Lewis Halin
Grace Hopkins
Ted and Gretchen Knowles
Dick and Ginny Lance
Kitte Laroux
Andrea and Marc-Antoine Lombardini
Carol Morgan
Judy O’Dell
Richard Owen and Paula Wordtt
Olga Owens
Brooke Logan Packard
Lee Penninger
Patricia and Vic Pfeiffer
Mary Pritchard
Cynthia Ramsey
Nancy Reed
Cathy Roberts
Audrey Rooney
Cheryl Schlenker
Susan Shea
Karen Smith and Ian Littman
Betty Spence
Miki Smith
Cindy Stafford
Rochelle Toner
Georgette Toews
Barbara Vann and Floyd Lytle
Linda Roy Walls Don Whomsley
Jennie and Gary Witkin