Bus Bound for Red Devil Moon

Red Devil Moon Talkback_at Fringe Festival
Red Devil Moon Talkback_at Fringe Festival

RiverArts hosted a bus trip to NYC last Thursday that transported forty-nine fans of Red Devil Moon to see the performance at the Fringe Festival.  And they did not disappoint.  The RiverArts bus group, who made up nearly half of the audience that afternoon, were all on their feet cheering by the end of the performance.  The entire cast was spectacular, while challenged by a less than stellar sound system.

A talkback sponsored by the Fringe Festival the audience a chance to ask questions. Friends were anxious to hear how the performance was being received by other audiences, how the cast was dealing with life in NYC and where Red Devil Moon was heading next.  Songwriter Pam Ortiz facilitated the talkback discussion and emphasized how important the Chestertown and Kent County community were to the cast.

Following the show, band member Ford Schuman hopped on the RiverArts bus heading home after he got news his daughter Brooke was in labor.  She subsequently delivered his second grandchild early the next morning.  Pam Ortiz also headed home for 24 hours to be at the stellar performance of her daughter Sofia at the Mainstay on Friday night.  Both headed back to NYC for their final performance on Saturday.

Reviews are still coming in for Red Devil Moon but one online reviewer wrote, “The band’s infectious energy makes it hard to avoid swaying, clapping along, and tapping one’s toes.  Red Devil Moon ultimately provides an entertaining experience mostly because of the powerful, feel-good music.”