RiverArts Environmentally Sustainable Glassware Initiative

RiverArts Environmentally Sustainable Glassware Initiative

RiverArts is committed to being a leader in environmental sustainability, and we appreciate your partnership in this important area. Thanks to Jonathan Chace and MJ Baldwin for suggesting the idea and doing the research and the legwork to make it happen. 

Listen to Executive Director Maria Wood talking with WCTR radio hosts Les and Moore about RiverArts sustainability efforts:


It’s time to move away from expensive, environmentally damaging, non-biodegradable plastic. In the past, RiverArts has used hundreds of plastic cups each month at First Friday receptions and other events. These cups start out as non-renewable oil, costly and environmentally damaging to extract, and end up in our landfills or waterways, never to degrade. Surprisingly, over their life cycles, paper cups do even more damage to the planet than plastic, thanks to the amount of energy it takes to manufacture and transport them. 

RiverArts is committed to environmental sustainability, so we are joining the many other businesses both locally and around the world in phasing out our use of disposable cups. Co-Chairs of our Environmentally Sustainable Glassware Initiative Jonathan Chace and MJ Baldwin have produced a beautiful alternative:

Our new glassware is a dishwasher safe, stemless 9 ounce tumbler etched with the RiverArts logo, large enough to accommodate a serving of our wine or punch. The glassware is available for purchase at RiverArts cost of just $3. Buy your glass once, then bring it with you to future events.

Visitors are also welcome to bring their own reusable drinkware. Our friendly Libations Consultants will be happy to pour a beverage into any vessel that patrons bring. We strongly encourage the use of non-disposable alternatives of any kind.

We welcome questions, suggestions and comments about this initiative.