RiverArts, Chestertown’s community arts program, and Washington College’s SANDBOX Initiative are jointly developing this year’s RiverFest art presence. The project falls into two distinct parts.

First is the placement of one or several works of art from the Baltimore Light City exhibition held this past April, and the second a “sculpture garden gallery” consisting of the works of four to six artists, each placed on a separate pedestal in and around the boardwalk that lies on the Chestertown waterfront between High Street and the Marina (see Attachment B).

This outdoor exhibition will last just over one month, from  RiverFest (September 24) through Downrigging Weekend (November 1). All work will be for sale, and a price list, along with contact and promotional informational on each artist will be available at RiverArts Gallery.
A $500 prize will be awarded to the winning entry.

The work would be featured on RiverArts’ website along with links to each artist’s website. RiverArts will take no commission on sales. Unsold artwork will be returned at the end of the exhibition.

Each pedestal (see Attachment C) will be anchored to the riverfront boardwalk and lighted appropriately (see Attachment C).

For weight limits and structural specifics, see Attachment C). In that the works will be seen both day and night, light is a major consideration. The intent is to celebrate the sophistication and diversity of approach of outstanding artists as each meets the challenge of location and materials.

We are now seeking proposals from a selected list of artists for the creation of a work or placement of an existing work specific to this site. Proposals for sculptures may include photographs of existing pieces, fully developed concept drawings of a work in progress, or drawings sufficient to indicate the development of a work over the short installation time-frame.

Proposals should have a clear end product and a strategy for its realization. It is important that the work be strong enough structurally to withstand the elements for the five and one half week exhibition period.

The Deadline for Applications has now passed.

Application Requirements:

In one or two pages, describe the proposed project.

  • Include photographs or drawings to be used in our evaluation
  • Include a list of materials and any requirements for installation and maintenance

Please submit with the signed application form provided as Attachment A of this document:

  • An Artist Statement
  • A CD or flash drive with 5 examples of your most representative These must be jpeg files. Maximum file size for each image is 1MB. Please include, title, media, dimensions, location, and date of the work, if applicable.
  • Your most recent resumé

Please note: Application materials will not be returned.

Selection Process:

 An advisory committee composed of art professionals will evaluate all submitted proposals for their promise, feasibility, and overall aesthetic and educational value.

Four to six finalists will be announced August 12.
Finalists may be asked for additional information regarding their proposals to confirm any unclear aspects of their submission.

Criteria for Selection:

  • Work must be structurally
  • Work must have significant aesthetic
  • Work must engage the intended
  • work must be engaged with lighting in some way, either internally or


Completed proposals should be submitted by August 8, 2016 to: Alex Castro, Director


SANDBOX Initiative Washington College
107 South Cross Street
Chestertown, Maryland 21620

Please  fill out artist information form for intent to submit.

Attachments are below entry form.
Questions please call RiverArts at 410 778 6300 or email info@ChestertownRiverArts.org


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Attachment B


Attachment C prt 1



The dimensions for the hole placement for the base of sculptures has changed from 18″apart on center to 16″ apart on center.
Artists should plan on having four holes in a square pattern 16″ apart. The holes should be 3/8″ in diameter. It is important that the holes be in an exact square to align with the holes on the mounting base of the platform.

Attachment C Part 2