November – Studio Gallery: Soulful, Eclectic- SE Moore"



                           Studio Gallery | November 1 – 13

Reception Nov 6, 4-6 pm

Sam is a Kent County painter who works  primarily with acrylics. His work varies tonally and conceptually. Each piece celebrates and defines what it means to be soulful and eclectic in a vibrant and expressive way.

S E Moore
S E Moore

Moore first became interested in art when he saw his uncle Allen Johnson’s artwork and was impressed by his passion for art. He admired artists like Picasso, Dali and Jackson Pollock but he desperately wanted to develop his own style of painting. At the age of 34 he became an art major at the Community College in Philadelphia PA. Recognizing a great vehicle for his expression, he became an abstract painter.


He says that his,  “approach to painting is to just let it flow, just like a child who finger paints for the first time and every time thereafter.” The paintings are deeply layered with color and imagery that come from Moore’s experience and imagination. Impressions of the landscape, people and cultural history are subtly mingled with color, light and shadow. His powerful sense of composition and drama unifies the work.