Successful Artist Marketing Workshop with Robert Koenke

Dates and Time:  October 11 and 18 – 9:30-1:30

Location:  Town Hall, Second Floor, 118 N. Cross Street

Limit: Cost: 

                 Members:      $80

                 Non-members    $105

Instructor’s Website:

Class Description: This workshop will explore the many aspects of marketing, public relations, and business trends so that ultimately the student will leave with a customized marketing plan. An informal approach will include worksheets and information sheets which will assist any level artist during this difficult economic time. Discussions will deal with galleries, publishers, printing reproductions, advertising, public relations, websites, current trends in this market, pricing your work, and much more. Students should bring their questions and a couple of examples of their own art work for review as well as samples of their own marketing pieces.

About the Instructor: Robert Koenke has taught marketing for over 20 years to artists at the Teton School of Art, the Beartooth Workshop, Ultima Thule Workshop, the Yellowstone Art Seminar, and the Susan K. Black Workshop. He has produced videos on marketing sold worldwide and has taught over 4000 artists. In addition, Robert has co-published over 23,000 pages on art as a magazine publisher/author. He currently serves as a trustee to four art museums and works with a private list of art collectors as a consultant.