Volunteer at KidSpot


Volunteer at KidSPOT

KidSPOT is staffed every week by a dedicated group of volunteers. Our helpers have a love of the arts and enjoy sharing that with the children that come to our center. Srh Lyle serves as KidSPOT Coordinator. She was a KidSPOT volunteer before taking the helm. She brings loads of creativity, a love of the arts, and incredible energy to KidSPOT.

Do you and your kids love KidSPOT?

We are always looking for good people to serve as volunteers in our free play sessions, developing activities and curricula, and to teach workshops. Please call RiverArts at 410- 778-6300 or email our coordinator at kidspotchestertown@gmail.com if you would like to volunteer.  Middle and high school students are welcome to volunteer and may receive community service credit for their participation.